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Upcoming Events

Boats out back in 11th/12th March

Make sure you're name is down to get your boat back in. Pay on the day.

Working weekend 25th/26th March

Fitting out supper 25th March

Those who attend working weekend will eat for free at the supper.

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Upcoming Events

A.G.M 2nd June 7pm

Catch up with the clubs developments and hopes for the future. How our finances stand and have your say.

Fun day 17th June

Come on down to the club for family fun and evening entertainment. There will be competitions, fun games and hot and cold food. Topped with plenty of alcohol to wash it down.

Veterans Day 15th July

Life members and existing members get the opportunity to have a cruise along the Nene, a day of fun and laughter.

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Upcoming Events

Working Weekend 14th & 15th October

Halloween TBC

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Upcoming Events

Bonfire night TBC

Christmas Get-together TBC

Happy New Year

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