Upcoming Events

Working Party 19th - 20th March

Fitting out supper 9th april

Easter egg hunt 17th April


Upcoming Events

AGM 27th May 8pm

Fun day 11th june

Veteran cruise 23rd July


Upcoming Events

Fishing Match and fish supper 3rd Sept

3rd September 10am-3pm Followed by fish supper. 

Working Weekend 15th Oct 

15th and 16th of October 

Laying up supper and Quiz 17th Sept

17th September 7-7.30pm
Menu and details will be emailed and posted on notice board. 

Halloween Party 29th Oct

Kids, bring your own pumpkin to carve and you'll get a goody bag and drink. 

29th October Halloween party and fancy dress 


Upcoming Events

Bonfire Night 5th Nov

Christmas Get-together 10th Dec 

Happy New Year